Associação de Jovens Voluntários de Gaeiras

Jovens Voluntários de Gaeiras Association was founded in 2012 with the purpose of developing a dialectical relationship between youth and the territories they inhabit. We believe in a strongly committed youth in the development of their place(s), helping the local community to edify a sense of belonging and mutual social awareness. Our organization promotes the empowerment of youth on a local, underdeveloped territory, offering tools for them to become social entrepreneurs and/or widely expand the local knowledge, determining a more informed and European aware youth community. Moreover, we are integrated in a local community, whose economical tissue is based mostly on agriculture and primary economic sectors, and we are working to create solid bridges between people of very different ages so that ancient knowledge do not disappear and turns out to be a tool of innovative business empowerment. We are a non profit, non governmental organization who put focus in the possible relationship between a small local community and a more wide and global social and economic world.